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What is the Munich Beer Festival ?

The Munich Beer Festival, also known as Oktoberfest or wies'n by the locals is a public beer festival held once a year in Munich, Germany for 16 days from the middle of September to the first Sunday in October.


It began on October 12th 1810 as a festival to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. It was held in Schwanthal on fields in front of the city gates. The field in which it was held became known as Theresenwiese. The decision to repeat the closing horse races in following years gave rise to the Oktoberfest tradition.

1811: The Agriculture Show first appeared and is held every three years on the southern side of festival grounds.

1818: Anton Gruber obtained the first license to sell beer and food. The first carousel and 2 swings appeared.

1850: the Statue of Bavaria was erected on the Theresenwiese.

1871: the popular Märzenbier was introduced.

1892: the old stone beer mugs were replaced by glass ones.

1896: beer stands were replaced by tents and halls operated by landlords with the backing of the breweries.

1960: horse races ended.

1980: A bomb, placed by 21 year old Gundolf Köhler killed 13 people.

The Event

The beer festival begins in September with the Grand Entry of the landlords, waiters and town council. At 12 o' clock the mayor opens the first barrel of beer shouting "o'zapft 's!" ("the keg is tapped!"). The first mug of beer is passed the Bavarian prime minister.

On the first Sunday there is the Costume and Rifleman's Procession involving 7000 people on a march at 10am from Siegester to Theresenweise.

Around 6 million people attend annually, consuming 4 million litres of beer, half a million roast chickens and 200,000 pairs of pork sausages. Not mention who knows how many Wies'n-Brezen (very large pretzels).

Amusements at the festival include roller coasters, a circus, parades and brass bands.

There is a "Böllerschießen" a hand held cannon salute in front of the Bavaria statue.

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